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The teacher read the poem “Smells” by Christopher Morley to the classes and students identified that the poem had rhyming words at the end and many words that described a smell. The first verse is copied from Christopher poem. They used their own patterns and words to describe smells they liked- I think maybe they don’t really like all of them!! They are all very pleased with their collaborative efforts.



By Visal, Puthea, Panharith & Sophat

Why is it that poets tell,

So little of the sense of smell?

These are the odours I love well:

The yummy smell of a pink Strawberry.

And the spicy odour of Chilli.

Or the chocolate aroma of a sweet cookie.

The tempting smell of a steaming potato.

And the stink of Lubricants from a moto.

Or the sour odour of a green mango.

The yummy smell of a chocolate cookie.

And the flowery perfume of a pink Lily.

Or the aroma of my lovely Mummy.

The tempting smell of brown meat.

And the heavy stink of my two feet.

Or the fresh odour of purple beet.

The comforting smell of a jar of Milo.

And the citrusy odour of a red Tomato.

Or the sharp perfume of a hot Cocoa.

The rotten smell of an old Banana.

And the aroma of my lovely Papa.

Or the sweaty stink of a big Gorilla.

And using the same method other students have come up with these versions.


Makara, Venghour, David C

The fruity odour of ripe melon

and the deep whiff of soft cotton

or the musty odour of wet fellon.

The burnt aroma of black pork

and the metallic fragrance of a strong fork

or the musty odour of brown cork.

The flowery sniff of lovely mother

and the minty fragrance of a busy farmer

or the sweaty odour of an industrial worker.

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